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How To Buy A Good Blow Dryer ##HOT##

Beyond the features and benefits we talked about above, another one of the big differences in professional versus drugstore hair dryers is how long the tool will last. Professional blow dryers are designed to dry clients upon clients, every single day. A high-quality copper-wired motor, for example, can withstand consistent use for much longer than the typical aluminum-wired motors of most commercial blow dryers.

how to buy a good blow dryer

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Experience intense power and airflow in an incredibly light, quiet and compact blow dryer. Create brilliant shine and smooth, sleek finishes faster. Protect your shoulder muscles with a tool that is lightweight and comfortable to hold all day. Small but mighty, this durable tool delivers professional results with less noise and weight. Discover a better way to work with our Light Professional Ionic Hair Dryer.

Whisper quiet, feather light and intensely powerful. Discover the professional hair dryer that will transform your blow drying experience. This lightweight, durable hair dryer creates beautiful shine and smooth, sleek finishes in less time. No loud motor noise, no static or frizz, no shoulder pain. Feel the difference with our Light Professional Ionic Hair Dryer.

Lifting a heavy hair dryer can strain the back and shoulders, causing pain and repetitive stress injuries. At just 7 inches long and under a pound, the Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer is incredibly compact and comfortable to hold all day.

Imagine drying hair faster and being able to hear your guest over the motor. The Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer utilizes a patented Evolution-Turbo Compressor to produce intensely powerful yet quiet airflow. The result? Accelerated drying time, less noise, and a more comfortable blow drying experience. Although this compact dryer uses only 1750 watts, it performs better than many dryers requiring 1875+ watts.

Create lustrous shine and reduce static and frizz with the built-in ceramic/tourmaline ion generation! The negative ionic generator disperses water out of the hair and polishes the cuticle, giving you smoother, sleeker finishes. The dryer features two heat settings and two speed settings, plus a cool shot button to lock in styles and promote luster. With two rotating nozzles--one wide to expand airflow while drying long, thick hair, and one narrow for polished finishes--you can create beautiful blowouts in all hair types.

The Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer is designed to deliver gorgeous volume and brilliant shine in a one step. The unique oval brush design quickly creates smooth volume at the root and beautifully full-bodied curls at the ends, for salon blowouts at home.

I got this as a gift and I'm absolutely in love with this product! I can never style my hair and it always looks frizzy and if I straighten it then it looks too flat. This product is basically dummy proof and you come out looking like you just left the salon. First day I went to work after using it, I got 6 compliments before lunchtime! The only thing you have to remember is make sure you twirl it as you go through your hair, that's what gives it that salon blown out look in like 15 minutes. But seriously this is product is worth way more than $60-$70. I would be pay at least $250 because it's that good. Trust me!!

I have curly long hair that I have spent 40 years trying to get smooth, healthy, lush and shiny hair and this brush is the answer. I've been using it for almost a year. This should be in the hand of every hair stylist on earth! I literally only use my blow dryer when I'm using my diffuser on days when I want to leave it curly. I have no need for it other than for that. This is the best thing I've bought in years! I will never go without it! Thank you Revlon this is amazing!

I bought this dryer after my stylist used it to calm the curl down. This is a super HOT tool. I'm talking heat. It burnes your skin. No way to turn heat down. I was using it at home. Maybe the 5th time. It set my fire alarm off! I love the outcome of my hair, but really concerned about the brush catching fire!

My sister-in-law had this dryer/brush & I used it while visiting. Immediately bought one when I got home. I have never been able to make my hair look like I've had a great blow-out, until now. I will never go back to a regular hair dryer.

I hope someone told me before about this miracle hairdryer. I saw this dryer and I said to myself Oh gee, another gadget to waste money. But I was curious, I bought and it was in my closet for almost a month without being opened. I was going to wedding and my hair has been natural for the 7 years. I said let give this a try before, so if I am not satisfy I get to return it. I am blown away by the performance of this dryer. I told family members " U gotta have it" who also had been in that natural journey with me. I love it Revlon.

I bought this product in March. It broke in August. I contacted customer service and exchanged multiple emails. They requested contact information, pictures of the product and model number. I happily supplied them with all. They then came back and asked me to cut the cord of the hairdryer and send a picture. Once I complied to this request they informed me that they do not cover this product. Why go through all these steps. Tell me after the first picture. Absolutely horrible! DO NOT PURCHASE THIS OR ANY OTHER REVLON PRODUCT!

I wanted to like this so much.PROS: One appliance to style, no need for a brush and a dryer. Lightweight and fast. Great for travel.CONS: oval brush, I get better volume with my round brush. Handle too slick, hard to hold on to, needs to be more grippy. Too fat at base making it hard to hold and making my wrist hurt from awkward position because also too slick. Way too loud on high--needed to wear ear plugs because of high ear piercing wanted to like this!

This is the best invention ever. A blower and a brush in one!!! I can't believe that I am now ditching my very costly hair salon visits for a blowdry and am actually doing my hair myself with this amazing blower brush!!! AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!!! I can not stop talking or recommending it. Will never go without it as long as I live.

I can honestly say this is the best hairdryer I have ever had , the shape of it is ideal , I have shoulder length hair and it takes me 15minutes to style my hair just right , I can definately recommend this .

I used to use a bulky hair dryer and round brush to give my hair a little lift. But now that I'm using the One-Step Volumizer it takes so much less time and effort to get better results. My hair has body, shine and my style lasts all throughout the day, even when I don't use a lot of product.

I never blow dry my hair but this product kinda has me addicted. It gives salon quality results in under 10 minutes of dry time with little to no frizz/flyaways. I received tons of compliments asking where I got my hair done! Well done Revlon. This is certainly a star product.

I watched a video of a hairdresser comparing this Revlon Salon One-Step Dryer & Volumizer with a much more expensive but similar styled dryer. Finished hair results were the same. Using a regular hair dryer and holding a brush to blow out my hair, I always had frizzy ends result. This hair dryer is AMAZING!!!!!!! It quickly dries and styles my hair and I look like I just walked out of the salon. No frizz. Dryer leaves hair Silky and smooth, with a nice shine as well. What could be better than that!!!! I highly recommend this purchase.

I have long, thick hair. I have never been able to give myself a blowout. I thought I'd give this product a try before giving up. For the record, I HATE blow drying my hair. I usually let it air dry then straighten it. This product will change my life. It is easy to use, it dries my long hair super fast, and it gives my hair a lot of bounce and body. After I was done. I didn't even have to pull out my straightener!! This tool also perfectly took care of my huge cowlicks in the front of my hair, and did so way better than a straightener. I'm in love. For the cheap price, this is amazing. Thank you!!

Unfortunately I bought this item and it does not hold up to usage. the bristles have become flat against the rod. They no longer protrude out like a normal hairbrush. The handle also gets extremely hot to the point you can't or don't want to hold it for fear of it burning your hand. I have had this dryer for less than 2 months. I would not waste my money. this by far is a very generic item and from Revlon I am actually disappointed.

No more blow dryer/flat iron!!! This does it all!!!I have thick shoulder length hair and it is naturally curly. I did let it air dry a little first. I used the low setting and in less than 10 minutes my hair looked like I went to the salon,No frizz. nice and smooth!!! Saved me 10 minutes of my time!!! Unbelievable how great this brush/dryer worked! No more taking a hair dryer and flat iron when traveling. Hairdressers should buy this! Worth every penny!!!

Fabulous Hair dryer. It will blow dry curly thick hair in about 20 minutes or less.I love that my hair looks Amazing and straight The only negative things are its Extremely loud use ear plugs. It's a little bit heavy and I'm a professional hairstylist so be forewarned. Yes I recommend it

when i first bought the one step dryer i thought it was amazing!! a few short months after using it i have SO MUCH breakage that my hair was so many different layers and i had to unfortunately chop it. my hair has completely thinned out. there is no heat control

I love this blowdryer brush it completely changed the game of how I do my hair and my hair can look so amazing so easily. I purchased this brush almost 1 year ago on September 19th, 2020. However, over the past month the brush has started falling apart. The bristles are falling out into my hair as I blow dry it and bending in all different directions and it is basically unusable now. I am curious if there is some kind of warranty since it is not even 1 year old yet? 041b061a72


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