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With the ever-increasing demand for natural, eco- friendly beauty products, We've patiently worked on a variety of skin types and the results are simply amazing.

Ensuring we understand clients skin needs, and provide tailored beauty solutions to clients globally.

Having over 7 years of experience in the beauty industry, we pride ourselves to be artistic, research-savvy, creative, and attentive to your desires during our consultations.

We value customer satisfaction and quality financial gains.

Our reviews say it all...

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Or Call: +447405241921

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White wedding

Bridal Glam

Traditional Wedding


Court Weddings




Birthday / Party guest / Music video / Photoshoot Makeup



Inverted liner

Party Guest Glam


Simple Makeup

Red n gold

Never party with a bare face

Excellent for bridesmaids or bulk makeup clients. 

This provides simple makeup with little product application. This is same as an everyday makeup with nothing extra.

It includes -

Simple skin prep

Foundation application

Simple lipstick application.

Simple brows and eyeshadow application (no glitters)

Powder contour (No liquid contour or face baking)

Simple makeup finishing

 If you want your makeup to last longer, we advise you go for the party guest look you pay just extra £10

Price £40

Stand out from the crowd with a professional makeup

When the event sets, we all want to stand out with our looks.

This package is excellent for party lovers who love an extra touch than regular makeup.

This includes everything in the simple package - but on an advanced level including pro makeup finishing with long lasting makeup.


Makeup - £50

Simple hair styling (optional) - £20

Gele styling (optional) - £20

Go bold or nothing!!!

We love to tell a story with each look. We interpret trends, from avant-garde to daily makeup for events, magazines and runways.

Price List:

Editorial Makeup - £70

Advanced Hair Styling (optional) - £50

Simple Hair Styling (optional) - £20

Choose how you want to pose for the camera

We love when clients choose to celebrate one of the most special days in their lives. On these days, we guarantee the best makeup look for that extra glow.

We also offer to take memorable pictures and provide exquisite photo sessions to help mark your special day.

Our photo sessions come with photo editing.

Price List:

Makeup - £100

Photo session per hour / per outfit (optional) - £50

Makeup trial (optional) - £50

Advanced Hair Styling / Gele (optional) - £50

Simple Hair Styling / Gele (optional) - £20

Wig Installation - £20

Touch ups (optional) - £50 

Lets be a part of your success story

Studying requires lots of hard work and most times we do not get to do our makeup to school. Graduates tend to want a glam look to stand out on their graduation. We have never been happier to see you stand out not just with excellent grades, but with your looks also

Price List:

Prom/Grad Makeup - £70

Makeup trial (optional) - £50

Advanced Hair Styling (optional) - £50

Simple Hair Styling (optional) - £20

Tie the knot in a more sophisticated way

We often create a look that is radiant and bewitching so that brides can easily stand out on this special day. If you are ready to be a dazzling bride, We're ready to work with you.

Get in touch today for a makeup consultation and start creating your court wedding day look.

Price List:

Wedding Makeup - £100

Makeup trial (optional) - £50

Advanced Hair Styling (optional) - £50

Simple Hair Styling (optional) - £20

Touch ups (optional) - £50 

Culture has never been portrayed better

Brides often come to us asking for a sophisticated look for their traditional wedding, and we are here to deliver.

During our appointment, we show you photos of past projects in order to find a chic and classy look for the bride who wants a little something extra.

We promise you will dance with all of your guests and stay gorgeous ‘til the end. Let’s chat today to start crafting your own special look.

Price List:

Trad Makeup - £120

Makeup trial - £50

Pro Gele Styling - £50

Touch ups (optional) - £50 

Beads to Rent - £50 per day

Simple and Glamorous

Although most brides dream of their wedding day, they don’t all want their makeup to be too heavy. A bride’s makeup should be comfortable, not caked on layer after layer. We capture a bride’s personal style and create a classy and elegant upgrade, without drowning their eyes with mascara. The look we create is fresh, bold, and lovely.

Price List:

Wedding Makeup - £150

Makeup trial - £50

Bridal Hair Styling - £50

Touch ups(optional) - £50 

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"True beauty is timeless"


Marilyn Monroe

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Happy clients makes us happy and wanting to meet you. Read testimonies of clients we've worked with.

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"Love Love it. People were shocked. They couldn't believe it was me. You did a wonderful job. I took off the makeup in the evening and it was still fresh"

Ezy, United Kingdom

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