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The Fall - Season 1 PORTABLE

It was reported that Cubitt has ideas for several seasons past Spector's arc.[19] In September 2016, Cubitt confirmed that the third series is Dornan's last, but expressed intention for future series. Cubitt added that the fourth series "isn't going to be straight away."[20] Anderson stated: "I'm excited by the idea of potentially revisiting it in a few years, to see what transpires in Stella's life afterwards."[21]

The Fall - Season 1

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Sophie Gilbert of The Atlantic wrote regarding season three: "[f]or all its psychological, almost literary complexity, it loses much of its narrative steam. It's that great 21st-century phenomenon: a show that's more fun to think about than to watch."[40] Reviewing the second season, TV critic Lucy Mangan of The Guardian criticised the writing and dialogue but praised the performances of Anderson and Dornan.[41]

The second series was broadcast on Netflix's "Watch Instantly" service, starting in January 2015, in the United States. It was also broadcast on Netflix in Canada.[65] In Latin America, Netflix began broadcasting the season on 16 January 2015, at 12:01 am.[66]

It was as if the air had escaped, both literally and metaphorically, out of the show's last episode. I felt deflated. (Though not, to be fair, as deflated as Jamie Dornan.) Barring supernatural intervention, that's the end of Spector. The BBC hasn't officially called time on The Fall, though, so Gibson could conceivably ride again. If she does, I really hope she doesn't take another three full seasons to not get her man.

In case you watched Season 1 of The Fall about a year ago and need a refresher course before you start bingeing Season 2, or if you somehow missed the first season and need a crash course on the series before diving into the new episodes... Wait, who am I kidding? The first season is only five episodes! Go watch them right now, what are you waiting for?!

Anderson plays Superintendent Stella Gibson, a London detective called into Belfast to review how the department handled the unsolved investigation of the murder of a young woman. She ends up being the first to link the killing to a series of slayings around the city. It seems someone is targeting women who are young, dark-haired, and have high-powered jobs. Over the course of the season, she grows increasingly close to catching the murderer, but falls just short of apprehending him before he leaves town. Season 1 ended with the surviving victim of his latest botched killing awakening from a coma, supposedly to tell Gibson everything she knows about her attacker.

January antlerless season is only open in counties with antlerless tags remaining on Jan. 10. Only centerfire rifles .223 caliber to .500 caliber with a published or calculated muzzle energy of 500 foot pounds or higher as allowed in this season.

That is all for the Fall Guys season pass! There are quite a few rewards to pick up, so you better start playing early. If you need any additional help, we have guides covering Show Bucks, which is the new in-game currency, how to level up the season pass and unlock tiers, as well as how to increase your Crown Rank during season 1 of this new era for Fall Guys.

Halo season 1 could end with the Fall of Reach. In 2001, players were introduced to the world of the Master Chief in Halo: Combat Evolved. Generally seen as one of the best first-person shooters of all time, the game was also notable for the depth of its lore. Playing as the Master Chief, players got to learn the truth about an alien Covenant, the ancient Halo Rings they revered, and even a parasitic infection known as the Flood. But it's already become clear that isn't the story Paramount+'s Halo TV series is telling just yet.

Instead, Paramount+'s Halo season 1 appears to be serving as setup. Although it's set in the final year of the Human-Covenant War, the motives of the Covenant remain a mystery to the UNSC. The first episode saw the Master Chief retrieve an ancient Forerunner artifact that serves as an important clue, and that the Covenant believe to be a Keystone pointing the way to one of the sacred Halo Rings. It may not be the same story as the 2001 game, but it's clearly heading in the right direction.

Despite initial plans for more, Halo season 1 only has nine episodes, which means the story is running a little too slowly at this stage to get to the Halo Rings anytime soon. Rather, it looks as though Halo season 1 is essentially an extended prologue, giving viewers all the background information they need to make sense of season 2 - which will be the main event. If that's the case, then this season could well end with one of the most spectacular Halo stories of all time, the UNSC's greatest defeat and the Fall of Reach.

Halo season 1 certainly feels as though it's telling the story of the Fall of Reach; humanity's second world is central to the narrative at the moment. Meanwhile, events are moving in roughly the right direction, with the Covenant continuing to advance and the Master Chief retrieving an ancient Forerunner artifact that - if the Covenant's Blessed One is to be believed - will lead to a Halo Ring. It's easy to imagine a story in which the Covenant discover Reach while searching for the artifact, launching a devastating attack even as the Pillar of Autumn leaves the system. If this theory is correct, then season 1 will end with the Pillar of Autumn emerging in the depths of space, and the Master Chief looking upon a Halo Ring for the first time.

Halo episode 2 sees Makee sent on a mission into human space, to infiltrate human society and discover the location of the Forerunner artifact the Master Chief retrieved from Madrigal. It's easy to imagine a story in which she finds her way to Reach - perhaps via the Rubble, explaining why Soren-066 and Kwan Ha remain important parts of the narrative. Indeed, she could be the one who triggers the battle over Reach, precisely because she summons the Covenant there - leading to one of the greatest battles in the Human-Covenant War. Such an approach would make Makee a pivotal part of Halo season 1, and it would set her up for an even bigger future when the Pillar of Autumn and the pursuing Covenant find their way to the Halo Ring. The stakes would then be even higher than in the games, because the Covenant would indeed possess a Blessed One who could activate their Sacred Ring.

If this theory is correct, then it's no real surprise Paramount+ renewed Halo before season 1 had even aired; they knew this first season is all about setting up the world and its main characters, putting the pieces in place for the main event. Halo season 1 is essentially a nine-episode prologue, culminating in a spectacular sci-fi battle over the skies of Reach before unveiling the glory and terror of the Halo Rings themselves.

The show originally aired between 2013 and 2016 on BBC Two (and RTE in Ireland) and won significant acclaim, being long-listed for Best Drama at the National Television Awards for all three of its seasons.

Announcing its arrival on Netflix, the streaming giant's UK & Ireland Twitter account wrote, "All 3 seasons of The Fall are coming to Netflix on 1 August if you're into Jamie Dornan, Gillian Anderson, moody thrillers, the accents, or all of the above."

Fall is the season of harvest, and that is certainly true in Stardew Valley. Taking place before Winter, players will want to harvest as many of their crops as possible before they die out in the Winter season. There are also items to forage for that are only available in the Fall season. The same is true for certain types of fish.

Players that plan ahead in Stardew Valley have the most successful farms. It is worth planning ahead what players are going to do each season, as there is far more to Stardew Valley than just farming. Players also cannot forget events, birthdays, and simply preparing for the future season.

Updated on March 25, 2022, by Anastasia Maillot: In a game like Stardew Valley, there are always more things for players to do, no matter what season they find themselves in. The fall season is the last one in the year that still allows players to harvest and grow crops, making it vitally important before the farm enters winter. Before this one-month-long of no-crop farming, players should do a lot of preparing to make sure they don't find themselves in a pinch. There are also a few additional purely fall-related activities that are worth completing around this time. With that, here's what to do during fall in Stardew Valley.

Players who have been frustrated all year in Stardew Valley with how their farm looks will be happy to know that winter is the best month for starting from scratch. However, in preparation for that, fall needs to be dedicated to cleaning up the farm.

Once the final harvests are done, players can clean up and pick up any objects they want to move, from chests to sprinklers. If players want and end up with a bit of extra free time during fall, they can also chop up extra trees on their farmland to make space for any rearranging and redecorating they plan on doing during winter.

Players will likely gather quite a big harvest at the end of fall, but making money during winter will be a challenge. That is unless players spend some time during fall crafting a bunch of artisan equipment on top of what they might already have.

Any crops that haven't been turned into artisanal goods by fall can be used for profit during winter by using kegs, preserves jars, and so on. This will create a nice little financial dampener for players during the winter month, but it's important to start crafting all this equipment and gathering the crafting materials for them in fall.

Another great way to prepare for winter during fall is to construct those farm buildings players have been saving up for. That's because animal products, with the exception of truffles, will still continue to produce during winter, provided the player ensures their animals are happy. 041b061a72


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