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Pokemon Generations

While generations are not usually discussed officially, they are occasionally. Junichi Masuda has referred to the fourth generation on his Twitter profile and sixth generation on his blog. Pokémon Black and White were referred to as a "new generation of Pokémon", and Pokémon Sun and Moon were referred to as the "newest generation" in press releases. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet were referred to as the "9th Generation" according to a GAMEFREAK greeting card posted by Yusuke Kozaki.

Pokemon Generations

Generational lines are typically ignored in other parts of the franchise, which continue from where the last generation left off and keep the story going. (This phenomenon is especially true of the anime.) Newer generations may also ignore older parts of the canon that explicitly declare to be true something that is later changed.

To date, there are nine generations, each introducing their own quirks into the franchise. The Generation I and II games are compatible with one another via the Time Capsule; the seven most recent generations are also compatible with each other (forward only) via dual-slot mode, Pal Park, Poké Transfer, Poké Transporter, Pokémon Bank and Pokémon HOME, but the Generation I and II games were incompatible with later generations until their Virtual Console releases, which are compatible with Generation VII onwards. A generation may introduce remakes of games from a previous generation.

Throughout each generation, there is usually a theme to the region introduced in a specific generation. As a result, each region and generation have several key features, such as important Pokémon and places, that place emphasis on those themes. In particular, the very last Pokémon introduced in that region and in that generation embody that generation's theme in some way. Here is the list of themes that are associated with the generations and regions:

For fans who've had these scenes in their minds for years, the opportunity to see them fully animated and voice-acted is pretty amazing. Generations also did away with some of the sillier elements of the main anime, like Pokémon saying their own names, instead opting to give the creatures more realistic growls and squeaks. It also does things that the main anime would never consider, like having trainers order their Pokémon to attack other humans, such as Lance's Dragonite using Thunderbolt on a Team Rocket leader. The series also focuses more on adult characters like detective Looker, since the protagonist characters who do appear are generally concealed and don't speak, mimicking their silence from the games. It also pulls from all 6 generations of games that existed at the time, so no matter what game a fan played first, there'll be something for them there.

The animation itself is much like the main series of anime, stunning when it matters. Pokemon has really made strides in its animation style in recent years, becoming a much more credible anime. Long gone are the dark days of the Best Wishes series, and it all started with Pokemon Origins. The first episode of Pokemon Generations, The Adventure, is a beautiful representation of what animation should be. The nostalgic game footage, merging into a journey through the six generations with an adorable Pikachu, submerging our childhood dreams into the warm aura of hope. 041b061a72


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