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How To Fix Valorant Graphics Driver Crashed | V...

You can roll back the graphics driver via Device Manager (see how), but if the Roll Back Driver option is grayed out, you can download an older version of the graphics driver from the manufacturer.

How to fix valorant graphics driver crashed | V...

If the Valorant graphics driver crashed error persists or the game keeps crashing after you have tried the two methods above, the culprit might be on their end. But still, you can reduce the crashes by playing the game in windowed mode:

If you updated your graphics driver and then the game stopped working, it means that the new update was not fully supported by the game. Hence, you can uninstall the new update by rolling back the graphics driver.

If there are graphics-heavy apps running in the background such as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, or Lightroom, you might get the error saying your graphics driver crashed. So, it is best to close all the background apps.

If you are overclocking your GPU or your processor, there is a good chance that your graphics card driver is crashing because of it. You can try to disable the overclocking and restore it to default. Once you do that, restart your PC and try running the game.

The first thing you should do if you are facing the graphics card driver crashed error in Valorant is update your GPU drivers. Here is a quick guide to help you update your drivers on both NVIDIA and AMD cards.

Before you proceed with the following fixes, we recommend you check the graphics card driver and make sure you are using the right GPU card. This is because an outdated or corrupted graphics card driver can trigger various errors, including Valorant graphics driver crashed.

Step 2. In the Device Manager window, expand the Display adapters categories, then right-click the graphics card driver and select Properties.

Step 2. Select Windows Update from the left-hand side and click on Check for updates from the right panel. Then Windows will automatically download and install available updates. After that, you can relaunch the game and see if the graphics driver crashing issue gets fixed.

If you are still vexed by the graphics driver crashing issue in Valorant, you can try switching to windowed mode. The mode can help you play certain games that have high system requirements on a relatively low-end computer. To do so, launch the game and press the Alt + Enter keys on the loading screen to run the game in windowed mode.

To turn VSync off on NVIDIA Control Panel,Open NVIDIA Control Panel from the desktop context menuClick on Manage 3D SettingsThen click on the dropdown button beside Vertical syncSelect Off to turn it offTo turn VSync off on AMD Radeon Software,if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined')ez_ad_units.push([[728,90],'thewindowsclub_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_8',819,'0','0']);__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-thewindowsclub_com-large-leaderboard-2-0');Open AMD Radeon Software from the desktop context menuClick on GamingThen click on the drop-down button beside Wait for Vertical RefreshSet it to Off, unless the application specifies6] End unnecessary processes in the backgroundThe processes running in the background of your PC might be consuming more resources than Riot Valorant. Open Task Manager and end all the processes that seem unnecessary and consume more memory in the Processes tab.7] Update Riot ClientAn outdated Riot Client or corrupted or missing files of it might also trigger the Graphics card crashed error. Check for any updates pending for Riot Client or Valorant and install them on your PC after downloading them from the Epic Games Store. Uninstall the Riot Client and reinstall it if there are no updates available.These are the different ways you can use to fix the Graphics Card Crashed error on Valorant.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined')ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'thewindowsclub_com-leader-1','ezslot_10',664,'0','0']);__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-thewindowsclub_com-leader-1-0');How do I fix a crashed graphics driver?You can fix the graphics driver crash by updating the graphics card driver or reinstalling it. If the error still persists you need to update DirectX.You can also run Windows in Clean Boot State to know if the error is caused by a third-party program and fix it.Why does my Valorant crash for no reason?Valorant might crash for many reasons. To begin with, your PC might not have met the minimum system requirements, the graphics driver is outdated or corrupted, the cache builds upon the PC might be corrupted, the game files are missing or corrupted, or there might be some program interfering with the processes of Valorant like antivirus.Read: Fix Invalid Access to Memory Location Error on VALORANT.

In order to run modern games like Valorant, you need to have the latest graphics driver installed on the system. If you're running older drivers, there's a good chance they're why Valorant keeps crashing.

Facing crashing issues can be really frustrating, especially when you are in the middle of an important match. Most crashing problems mainly result from outdated graphics drivers, so you update them to resolve all the issues. But if it continues, try the above solutions to solve the problem for good.

Valorant is an amazing shooter game released in June 2020. Since its release, it has attracted thousands of gamers. Yet, like all games and apps, Valorant is not perfect in all cases. Few users have complained about graphics driver crashed Valorant issue on their Windows 10 PC. This is one of the most aggravating problems faced by users and it is most commonly caused by drivers on the device. Nevertheless, we have investigated more on the issue and collected a list of troubleshooting methods that will help you fix graphics driver crashed problem. So, continue reading!

Sometimes, the current version of graphics drivers may cause any launching conflicts and, in this case, you have to restore previous versions of installed drivers. This process is called Rollback of drivers and you can easily roll back your computer drivers to their previous state by following our guide How to Rollback Drivers on Windows 10.

To do so, you can either use the official website of the graphic card manufacturer or use any third-party driver updater tool like Bit Driver Updater. Since installing the drivers manually is an error-prone and a bit tedious task, hence, we recommend you automatically update the outdated graphics driver with Bit Driver Updater.

If your Valorant keeps crashing after performing a graphics driver update, then you should try to roll back the respective drivers to its previous version. The user can roll back the graphics driver through Device Manager. Here is how to fix the Valorant Graphics Driver Crashed error using this solution.

If you are facing the "graphics driver crashed on Valorant" error and now looking for a solution for how to fix it, then you can get your answer from this article. Valorant is a free shooter game developed for Microsoft Windows by Riot Games. Many players face graphics driver crash errors while playing. Every update on Valorant is done by Riot games, and the error can be caused by a driver or a Windows upgrade problem. Patches can also be the reason. In this situation, it is good to hold until Riot updates a new patch. Before fixing the error, verifying your display settings and making sure you are using the required GPU is good.

You may find the "graphics driver crashed" error on Valorant when your driver is outdated or corrupted. So, at this moment, try to update your graphic driver. There are two ways to upgrade your graphic driver:

Manually you may require more time and energy. The automatic method is quite simple and less time-consuming. To upgrade your graphics, it is good to download a reliable tool. Driver Easy is one of the best drivers to update your graphics.

Resetting the driver can be an option if your PC graphics card is giving you problems. Uninstalling the driver and letting the computer reinstall is the simplest way to reset the driver. Reinstalling the driver will guarantee you have the most recent version, which will frequently solve many problems your graphics card may be experiencing.

After attempting the two options above, the issue might be on their end if the graphics driver crashed on Valorant error still occurs. However, you can reduce the number of crashes by running the game in windowed mode:

In this article, we have mentioned the solutions for "Graphics driver crashed" error on Valorant. Different reasons can cause this error but we need to analyze which solution is best to solve the issue. We recommend you update your graphics card using Driver Easy to avoid hassle and is less time-consuming. Updating is the best way to remove bugs and errors.

Reving -valorant-graphics-driver-crashed since no one found a solutionI've tried Reinstalling Valorant, Vanguard, DirectX and my graphics drivers. I've set all my settings to the lowest ones including VSync (which is a bumer since my screen tends to tear quite a lot). I've uncapped the FPS and downclocked my screen from 72Hz to 60Hz (But valorant's resolution keeps displaying 1920x1080@72Hz which seems suspicious...) I even downclocked my graphics card frequency and tried basically every solution I found online ?((

If a game crashes, it may be because your graphics card cannot handle it. This can be due to incompatibility issues, or it could be that your driver isn't up to date. You can check your GPU's specs by doing a quick search online. If your GPU doesn't have the power necessary to run the game, you might want to consider upgrading to a newer card.

Seeing a Graphics driver crashed error when playing Valorant? This is a very common issue for Valorant players. But luckily there have also been some effective ways to fix this error. Take a look at them in the list below! 041b061a72


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