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The annual Winter Fancy Food Show, which descends on San Francisco every January, is the largest marketplace devoted to specialty foods and beverages in North America, with more than 80,000 items, including thousands of new products.


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We visited the 2022 Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center in New York City. The show took place from June 12th to June 14th and hosted a wide variety of booths displaying their trendy food products ranging from local startups to global businesses. Here are the 12 trends we found at the show.

Fancy Food Show is the premier marketplace for specialty foods, specialty food retailers, restaurateurs, supermarket and department store buyers, gift shop owners and others discover distinctive, profitable new food products at the Fancy Food Shows.

It's a meeting point for over 1,200 exhibitors from across the US and 35 countries and regions that represent the latest in speciality foods and beverages. Everyone who's anyone is at the Show and between the winter and the summer edition the trade fair bring together more than 44,000 industry professionals gather to discover the craft, care and joy behind speciality foods in North America.

You might reasonably ask: Surely people whose lives revolve around making, buying and selling food products, surely a significant chunk of these people, will be amply upholstered, a hazard of the job? But no.

The main reason that fancy restaurants serve smaller food portions is because of the pricing of the ingredients. The more high-priced ingredients they use for the dish, the more expensive the dish will be.

One of the biggest reasons why fancy restaurants serve food in smaller portions is so it can reduce costs for purchasing ingredients. This means that less money will be wasted, and the restaurant will capitalize on a higher profit margin.

Purchasing ingredients for food can be expensive for sophisticated restaurants. In the end, however, restaurants will be able to increase profits by serving smaller portions, but they will also fulfill customer satisfaction as well.

According to Blue Sky Dreamers, People who come to fancy and upscale restaurants are looking for a dining experience. A large portion of one dish will end up filling your stomach, and will not be able to get the experience you have come to get in a fancy fine-dining restaurant."

High-class restaurants normally have a sophisticated and classy interior with beautiful cutlery. Once your food arrives, you will get to see more of the creative aspect of the restaurant when you see the artistry that is on the plate. The thought is that this image of a classy restaurant will persuade you to come back again.

The continued focus of weight loss has restaurants more concerned with how many calories they are feeding their customers. Offering food in smaller portions will be more effective in maintaining your health while also fulfilling your appetite.

Dining in luxurious and sophisticated restaurants focuses on serving food that is nothing less than the best. Restaurants feel that since they are serving dishes with perfect execution that they can charge you more.

If you want to be healthier when dining out, then eating smaller portions is recommended. When deciding to go out to a fancy restaurant, you can capitalize on the opportunity to eat hearty and healthier dishes while also enjoying the full experience of eating in a high-end restaurant.

Say you had ordered a substantial meal, for example. The food you ordered doesn't end up tasting as great as you thought, and as a result, you don't eat it. That's a whole lot of food that was just wasted that could have been saved for another time.

Beyond the Show floor, the Winter Fancy Food Show offers exhibitors valuable opportunities to expand their industry knowledge. Newer makers and manufacturers can take advantage of The Basics, a full-day, pre-show workshop featuring founders and principals from iconic specialty food brands who share their experiences and insights on topics such as pricing, selling, freight and logistics, promotions, ecommerce, and more. Maker Space sessions run during Show hours and include offerings for both new and veteran makers and manufacturers.

In addition to Fancy Food Shows, SFA Member benefits include access to a virtual press office for sharing company news with the media, exclusive access to promote products via the SFA Product Marketplace, and the chance to enter products in the prestigious sofi Awards program recognizing the best in specialty food and beverage.

Colu Henry is a writer, recipe-developer and frequent contributor to the New York Times and Food & Wine. She has worked in food for over 15 years and has learned what resonates with home cooks by creating elegant, yet approachable recipes without overthinking it. She is the author of Back Pocket Pasta and host of Colu Cooks on Patreon. Colu splits her time between Hudson, NY and Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband.

The Specialty Food Association, Inc. (SFA) is membership-based trade association in the United States representing 3,000+ member companies.[1] The SFA was established in 1952 to foster trade, commerce and interest in the specialty food industry in the U.S., worth $148 billion as of May 2020.[1]

The Association is a not-for-profit organization whose members are specialty food artisans, purveyors, importers and entrepreneurs, as well as distributors, retailers, and others involved in the specialty food trade.

The Summer Fancy Food Show is the largest show for specialty food in North America, with 34,000 attendees and 2400 exhibitors annually.[6][7] More than 50 countries will be participating in the show, with Italy as partner country for 2020.[8][9]

SFA produces the annual Sofi Awards, which recognize creativity and taste across multiple food categories in the specialty food products industry.[11] Gold, Silver, Bronze and New Product winners are announced in the spring and highlighted at both Fancy Food Shows.[12] At each Summer show, a Product of the Year is announced.[13] The annual Leadership Awards honor industry leaders who are active members of the SFA and who are spearheading positive environmental, community, and business practices.[14][15]

The Show has traditionally been the largest West Coast event focused solely on the specialty food industry. Open only to the trade, attendees will be prequalified and will range from retail and foodservice buyers to food industry service providers, members of the media, and Trendspotters.

The Specialty Food Association hosted its 2022 Summer Fancy Food Show last week at the Jacob Javits Center located in New York City. Thousands of exhibitors showcased their products at the largest specialty food and beverage event in North America. While we saw the usual trends for specialty diets, such as vegan, keto, and GF, there were several that stood out from the crowd.

The pandemic trend of courageous consumer looking for more and exciting flavors, including experimenting with varying heat levels continues today. Check out our post on scotch bonnet pepper. Consumers are not afraid to move up the Scoville rating anymore. We saw several hot sauces companies, like Queen Majesty and Fynbos Fine Foods, offering scotch bonnet, habanero, and peri-peri hot sauces. We also saw a few emerging companies offering family culinary traditions in a jar, kimchi! Companies like Chi Kitchen and Lucky foods are bringing generations of family traditions to the market. Products like kimchi, kimchi hot sauce and kimchi mayo are sure to spice up pantries across America.

At the height of the pandemic, turmeric became the hot, functional ingredient for food and beverages companies. Items like lattes, cereals, tonics, and supplements were calling out turmeric as their main ingredient. It was a great marketing claim during a time where consumers were increasingly becoming aware of their immune system and how to care for it at home. Ginger made quite the appearance at the show this year.

The Fancy Food Show is a biannual B2B event hosted by the Specialty Food Association that consists of the Summer Fancy Food Show and the Winter Fancy Food Show. These massive trade shows showcase the best and latest in food & beverage. They provide small food companies with the opportunity to showcase their products and ingredients to retailers, distributors, brokers, chefs and media.

The Winter Fancy Food Show has grown to become the premier marketplace for specialty foods industry professionals from around the globe to conduct business with one another and connect with new customers and clients. This show continues to break new ground in the industry with unique events focused on showcasing the newest and most interesting food & beverage products.

Also included in the category are the growing number of all-natural and/or gluten-free foods, super foods, and exotic handcrafted products like vegetable yogurt, cherry chia granola, and black garlic mayonnaise. Many have eye-catching packaging. 041b061a72


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