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Arthur Semyonov
Arthur Semyonov

Black Rainbow

This is our final All-Road finish for 2022, and we love it. Our paint shop said this was too dificult to make, and won't ever let us paint one like this in the future, so here it is! An 8 color fade black crackle with some star like spots to create a sort of galaxy effect. Like all of our bikes, these frames are hand painted, making each one unique. The crackle effect changes from minimal to maximal on each frame.

Black Rainbow

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The Handsome Too is back in black satin! Seasonal Affective Disorder finally got to us in Chicago and we decided to do small batch of putters with a stunning satin black pvd finish that has just a pop of color hidden in the cavity. This Handsome Too is offered today with either a flange line or a site dot.

This is a night dive into Virpi Pahkinens poetic dance world. A black liquid mirror with many possibilities of the human body. The beauty of transformation. The halo of hidden light. A high-spirited stretch for imagination,

The space is yours now. This is an invitation to interpretation: See the silver camel in transformation, Take a walk with a smiling madonna playing with dark energy. To the sounds of a wind gong and a sacral choir the super spider with its eight limbs changes into a dreaming octopus. A glamorous trio of strange birds chatter on point shoes and suddenly the agile youngsters pop in like a runaway alphabet from the hip hop dictionary. A bare foot yogi pensively writes calligraphy in the air. At the end of the rainbow there awaits a soothing treasure, a lullaby echoing light.

Organize all your notes and great ideas in this black rainbow notebook. Includes 96 sheets with lined pages and ribbon marker. Matte touch cover in rainbow colors with a black background. Notebook is 7.5 x 9.5 inches.

Sent direct-to-video by its struggling distributor on initial release, Black Rainbow unfairly never got the exposure it deserved, newly restored from the original negative audiences can now discover the darkness at the end of the rainbow, as never before.

Black Rainbow is a work for 6 solo percussionists and symphonic band (piano in this version) that explores the elusive and mystical moonbow, a rainbow produced by light reflected off the surface of the moon. The work divides into seven sections, traveling through the colors, each with its own unique energy.

Rock this all-seasons layering piece for ultimate comfort with a unique style you won't find anywhere else. Because it's made with our ContourFlex fabric it is truly perfect to wear year round. Featuring a rainbow sparkle hood and accents, this laid-back hoodie has the perfect amount of vibrant sparkle. Try pairing with our Sport Short in Black Rainbow to complete the look. 041b061a72


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