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Where To Buy Weathervanes

Our copper weathervanes come in a pure polished copper or a Blue Verde copper style. The pure copper will fade over time and look more like the Blue Verde. If you want to keep your copper weather vane looking clean and fresh, make sure you buy the sealer to keep the new copper look.

where to buy weathervanes

Since 1997 has been the leader in rooftop finials, rooftop cupolas, wind vanes and weathervanes. Full bodied copper weathervanes, bronzed finish look steel weathervanes, fancy aluminum weathervanes and a large variety of different sizes of rooftop wind directionals. Our complete line of deluxe copper weathervanes provides the largest selection currently available on the marketplace today. Some of our most popular products are, Horse Weathervanes, Rooster Weathervanes and other Barnyard Animals, and Eagle Weathervanes. We also carry windmills in various sizes from windmill toppers to ornamental aluminum windmills up to twenty feet!

For almost 40 years, the eagle weathervane collection from Good Directions has offered a vast array of elegant styles that carry historical significance as the proud symbol of this free nation while representing wisdom, strength, and courage. Our eagle weathervanes are made from highly durable copper showcasing antique, traditional and vintage styles. We take pride in our long-lasting wind vanes that not only look great but also increase the value and ambience of any house, garage, gazebo, barn, or shed - by adding a unique ornamental touch to whatever building they're perched upon.

Eagle weathervanes have a long history of adorning the tops of buildings, barns, garages, gazebos, homes, and other structures, serving as a proud representation of the values and ideals of the United States of America. In addition to their practical function, they are also popular as decorative pieces. They are often used to add a touch of Americana to a home or garden.

Our eagle weathervanes are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs and preferences. Our large to medium eagle weathervanes are often used on the roof of barns, large homes and garages, and large cupolas.

Eagle weathervanes typically last many years when properly maintained and cared for. We use 100% pure copper, which is highly durable, resistant to corrosion/rust, and withstands the elements to remain in good condition for a lifetime. At Good Directions, we provide unparalleled protection with a lifetime warranty - guaranteeing that your purchase will withstand the test of time. offers the highest quality custom cupolas, weathervanes, and more shipped direct to you from the Amish country at guaranteed lowest prices. If you can find the same products - whether comparing a cupola or any other product we sell - at a lower total cost including shipping, please email us a screenshot of the total cost of the product(s) including shipping and we will beat that price, guaranteed!

Each of our beautiful cupolas is hand made by Amish craftsmen in Lancaster County, PA and is available to you at the lowest price you will find. Browse each of our helpful cupola categories to shop by shape, use, materials, and combo packages. If you're in a hurry, don't forget to check out our quick ship cupolas, which ship out no more than three business days from your order date - with many leaving our shop the next business day. Cupolas by Shape - Square, Hexagon, Octagon Cupolas by Use - Home, Shed & Gazebo, Garage, Barn, Commercial, Custom Cupolas by Material - Wood, Vinyl, Metal, Copper Roof, Painted Roof, Louvered, Windowed Cupola Combo Packages - Cupolas with WeathervanesNeed a weathervane or finial to pair with your cupola? We have the perfect match for you! These aluminum and copper weathervanes and finials include all necessary hardware for mounting, and ship free in the continental US.If you need to round out your barn or your home with saddle cabinets, barn furniture, lantern posts, or mailboxes, you'll be delighted with our availability in these categories as well. Click the buttons below to get started.

The use of weathervanes dates back to ancient times when the first weathervane was used a temple in Athens. Since that time weathervanes have been produced and used in a variety of materials and portraying many different forms. One popular

All weathervanes are made so weight is distributed evenly on each side of the center rod. The side with the larger surface area is blown by the wind. This makes the weathervane point towards the side with the smaller surface. Most weathervanes have directions fixed below the arrow. These directions will tell you if your weathervane is pointing North, South, East, or West. Or if it is pointing somewhere in between!

Whitehall weathervanes are made of metal, copper, or cast aluminum. Their metal castings are well known for elegance and detailing. We also have copper weathervanes by Good Directions. All of them are designed to spin around and point in the direction of the wind. Our weathervanes are typically mounted to the top of a roof, attached to a cupola, or on a post. There are a lot more types of weathervanes than just the classic rooster weathervane. Check out the styles we carry!

The MailboxWorks has a unique weathervane for every taste! Our Home and Garden catalog has everything from horse weathervanes to automobile weathervanes. Our collection of animal weathervanes includes whales, eagles, pigs, rabbits, horses, bears, deer, and more! Most of our weathervanes come with different mounting options and hardware. These include a roof mount, cupola extension rod, or a garden pole.

Weathervanes continue to be added to new homes and buildings by owners who appreciate their unique place in architectural history. It is not uncommon to find homes in urban areas with farm animal weathervanes on their roofs or garages. We carry other animals as well!

Most people who install weathervanes today do so for their architectural beauty. That is why garden weathervanes have grown in popularity. Themed garden weathervanes should be oriented to take advantage of the winds.

To work well, you will need to install a weathervane high off the ground. It is also important to keep it away from objects that might get in the way of the wind direction. Many people are surprised when they discover just how large a weathervane has to be so you can read it from the ground! Our themed designs include golfing, lighthouses, and horse and carriage weathervanes.

The MailboxWorks carries a great selection of cupolas! Cupolas have been used since classical times to add function and distinction to buildings. Historically, cupolas used to provide 360-degree watchtower views as well as ventilation and light. Today you will see cupolas mainly used as bases for weathervanes. You will find that our cupolas will also add a distinction to your roofline.

Cupolas and weathervanes have been used in architecture for thousands of years. Adding a cupola or weathervane to your home is a great way to make your roof line interesting. It will also add an extra expression of taste and style to your home.

You want to know the direction that the wind is blowing, so a new weathervane is a wise choice. You might also want an antique or vintage version for decorating your garden, conservatory, or another area. On eBay, you can choose many styles, materials, and types of affordable weathervanes for sale.

If you like old weathervanes, then buying a pre-owned one allows you to choose styles that are otherwise difficult to find. You may also want gently used weathervanes in order to create a certain aesthetic to your garden, barn, or cottage. If you have an old farmhouse or are restoring an old barn, then pre-owned weathervanes allow you to stick with the same aesthetics.

Home to a great collection of weathervanes. Did you know that weather vanes, wind vanes and weathercocks are a functional instrument or device for showing which direction the wind is blowing? We have a great decorative selection available with a vast array of designs to suit differing tastes and styles

We see our role in the weathervane making continuum as creating sculpture pieces with special meaning to each customer. Most people will only buy one weathervane in their lifetime, if they buy one at all, and our goal is to make them something they will want to keep and hand down from generation to generation as a special family heirloom. Rather than striving for a mass production market, we seek to create weathervanes that are personal and have meaning for the individual.

We take great care to do things right; all of us here are proud of the work we do and want you to be proud of your weathervane too. As you tour our website and learn more about our weathervanes and us, we hope our passion shines through.

Rolando has been a full-time weathervane maker since 2007. He follows in the footsteps of his older brother, Victor, as an excellent craftsman. He enjoys the diversity of designs on which he gets to work as well as the creativity required to figure out solutions that constantly arise with new commissions. While he likes making bird weathervanes most of all, his awareness of form and contours shines through on all of his human and animal weathervanes. Shown here working on a medium silhouette Saddle Bronc Weathervane.

Ben has worked with West Coast Weather Vanes for 15 years. He is a master of all styles of weathervanes but his favorite designs include fish, birds, horses and humans. He is also particularly fond of dragons. One of his most memorable weathervanes was inspired by Ganesha, the lovable Hindu elephant god. Ben is always experimenting with new techniques and has generously shared his expertise with his fellow weathervane makers. In his free time he enjoys golfing, mountain biking and spending time with his daughter.

Victor has been a weathervane maker since 1996. He likes making weathervanes. In fact, he says if he was not working here, he would still make them for the sheer pleasure of the process. He also enjoys the constant evolution of weathervane making techniques and mastering new skills. Victor likes mythological designs and is especially adept at faces, both human and animal, for which he shows great sensitivity. In addition to his skill as a weathervane maker, he also does our gold and palladium leafing, and carefully packages all our weathervanes for safe delivery to their new homes. 041b061a72


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