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Antidote 8 V2 Avec Patch - Windows .rar

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Antidote 8 V2 Avec Patch - Windows .rar

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YOU CAN READ A .RTF VERSION OF THIS INSIDE THE HACK'S .RAR FILEFinal Fantasy III Maeson Patches:First of all, Hi, I'm Maeson, a big noob at making romhacks. That's all I have to say really, you don't care about me, i'm sure.This works with:The original japanese game.The well known translation made by Alex W. Jackson, Neill Corlett and SoM2Freak.It also seems to work well with the expanded translation made by ad0220, although I haven't tested it entirely.You will need a program like Lunar Ips to put this patches on your ROM. This mod should be patched after the translation, if you want to play it in english, of course... I hope the translators are not annoyed by this.Anyway, let's start this thing:Content:FF3 Magic Changes & Magic Multiplier 1.1.ipsFF3 Class Stat Balance 2.3.ipsFF3 Command Changes 1.2.ipsFF3 Weapon Changes 2.6.ipsFF3 Armor Changes 1.6.IpsFF3 Shop Changes.IpsFF3 Monster HP & Changes 1.4.ips / FF3 Even Moar HP 1.1.IpsFF3 Steal Changes 1.3.ipsFinal Fantasy III Maeson Mix.IpsVisual Patches---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FF3 Magic Changes & Magic Multiplier 1.1.ipsThis patch modifies the spells to improve how black magic and some white magic spells underwhelming they where; either by their low Spell Poweror because most of this spells have their final damage divided by the number of targets.This are the changes::Level 1:FireSpell Power upgraded from 25 to 40IceSpell Power upgraded from 25 to 40SleepNow has higher chance to induce SleepWhite Magic No changes in level 1Level 2BoltSpell Power upgraded from 35 to 50VenomSpell Power upgraded from 20 to 65BlindNo ChangesAero Spell Power upgraded from 45 to 60 (Is Wind AND Ice element!)ToadNo changesMiniNo changesLevel 3Fire2 Spell Power upgraded from 55 to 80, they are now Full Damage Full Screen spells (Attack all enemies at maximum strength)Ice2 Spell Power upgraded from 55 to 80, they are now Full Damage Full Screen spells (Attack all enemies at maximum strength)Bolt2 Spell Power upgraded from 55 to 80, they are now Full Damage Full Screen spells (Attack all enemies at maximum strength)Cure2Spell Power upgraded from 125 to 150 (So it heals more)WashNo changesExitNo changesLevel 4ShadeNo changesIce3Spell Power upgraded from 85 to 130, it is now Full Damage Full Screen spellBreakNo changesWhite Magic No changes in level 3Level 5Bolt3Spell Power upgraded from 110 to 140, it is now Full Damage Full Screen spellRazeNo changesEraseNo changesCure3Spell Power upgraded from 180 to 215Life1No changesSafeNow can Multi-Target AlliesLevel 6Fire3Spell Power stays at 150, it is now Full Damage Full Screen spellBioSpell Power upgraded to 200, it is now Full Damage Full Screen spellWarpNo changesAero2 Spell Power upgraded from 115 to 150, it is now Full Damage Full Screen spellSoftNo changesHasteNo changesLevel 7Quake Spell Power upgraded to 210, it is now Full Damage Full Screen spellBrak2No changesDrainSpell Power upgraded to 225, only single-targetCure 4Spell power upgraded to 250, while it wont do anything as a single target, in Multi-Target it should heal moreHealNo changesWallNo changesLevel 8FlareSpell Power upgraded to 255 Single TargetDeathNo ChangesMeteoSpell Power upgraded to 220, Full Damage Full Screen spellWWind No changesLife2No changesHolySpell Power upgraded to 200, it is now Full Damage Full Screen spellAnd that's it for Mage Spells... But not the end of this patch!Terrain MagicEverybody knows that while Geomancers where kind of useful at some small parts (and that's just about it), they didn't have that much to offer and it's damage is pretty low compared even to vanilla Black Magic.That's why it has been improved. The biggest problem with Terrain was the AWFUL ACCURACY the spells have. Seriously, it's ridiculous. Why even bother to create an entirely new and unique way of doing magic if you're going to make it so bad...Anyway, the Spell Power of Terrain is now 175, accuracy has been improved, the variants that hit multiple enemies are now Full Damage Full Screen too! While it's still weaker than any other type of magic (compared to the highest levels), they never run out of magic points, so they needed to be less powerful.But less powerful doesn't mean useless; their damage-all-attacks-with-zero-cost are great! Besides, Geomancers have other toys to play around and annoy evil dwelers. They become pretty fun all around.A side-effect of this patch is, because now Terrain is muche more prone to hit than before, the chances of back firing are lower, making this more reliable, yet still random.Summon MagicThis is the elephant in the room. Summon Magic has it too damn good in this game. The formula in this game benefits Summons much more than any other game i've played in my life. While Geomancy, and White/Black Magic have some severe formulas that makes the damage lower, Summon's is ridiculously forgiving.That's why Summons are so powerful. And that's why I have nerfed High Summon spells. Bahamut and Leviathan are still the most powerful magic attacks in the game, but not as much as they were before. And even then don't expect the Sage to be that powerful as before in this mod.I didn't nerf Normal Summon because you have a risk between two moves, and because there is a risk of wasting time/turns/getting damaged I think there should be enough reward; that and the Evoker is the only one that has it and being a less powerful Summoner I think is a decent trade-off. That's why normal summon Leviatan and Bahamut have been improved a little.High Summon Bahamut, Spell Power reduced to 140, still plenty of power.Leviathan, Spell Power reduced to 115, still plenty of power. Curiously enough, this spell is Thunder Element.Odin, No changesTitan, Spell Power reduced to 25Ifrit, Spell Power reduced to 10Ramuh, Spell Power reduced to 10The rest are the same.Normal SummonBahamut, If Rend (Offensive move) effect: Spell Power upgraded to 181, now attacks everybody with high damage instead of "maybe" killing one enemy.Leviatan, if Tempest (Offensive move) effect: Spell Power upgraded to 151, it's actually both Wind and Thunder elemental! Who knew? Why is Leviathan not water element in any form of attack?Note: Even if it says 25, 10, and 10, for Titan, Ifrit and Ramu, because of how the Summon Formula Damage works, the final damage it's pretty high, even more if you consider that they are low level spells.Godly damage for "garbage magic points" after first half of the game it's too good for my taste.So don't worry, your fire guy and your old man with magnificent beard are still good, just not as a cheap way of not wasting higher spell points than before.Magic Attack MultiplierIf you didn't know, when you improve your Skill Class Level, it actually affects magical damage too. The more skill levels, the more damage and bigger number of hitsthat spells do (This are not shown in battle, they are hidden, but they exist and are very important). So yeah, Skill level is very useful here too!Or it should have been that way... The Magic Attack Multiplier formula is, originally, Int or spirit/16 + Level/16 Skill/32 for Black, White and Terrain Magic. This means that you get an upgrade at skill levels 33, 65 and 97. If you compare that to the Summon formula, you'll see that Summon get's quite a few more upgrades.That's why I changed it. Thanks to the help of STARWIN, which is the one that found where this data was stored and who made me understand how this thing works I'm able to change the formula so intead of Skill/32, it's Skill/8. This affects every magic, so Terrain, Black and White will be easier to improve, much less grindy if you don't want to keep leveling skill up, and it will add some challenge with monsters that cast magic.This part of the patch is all thanks to him.And that's it for this patch!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FF3 Class Stat Balance 2.3.ipsThis patch reason to exist is to give bad classes what they needed, better stats. No more ridiculously bad Scholar/Bard/Whatever it's not Ninja or Sage (Those two got nerfed, so yay)The balance is made like this: I upgraded the base stats of each class, because each one has it's own growth and it would be too time consuming and annoying to be worth it.And besides, pretty much all the classes are unable to be used until you level up to X needed level (Depends on which crystal gives them to you), so you wouldn't see much of a difference as you progress through the game. If you see a class that seems too strong at one point, rest assured that as you level up and progress, those differences will get smaller and smaller.This Patch also changes the starting HP to 50 instead of 32.This is the list:Class St Ag Vi In Sp St Ag Vi In Sp-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Onion 5 5 5 5 5No Changes- St Ag Vi In Sp St Ag Vi In Sp -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fighter 10 10 5 2 3Improved to25 10 10 2 3Total 90 75 55 25 22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Monk 10 10 7 1 2Improved to11 10 19 10 10Total 99 75 85 10 10-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------White 5 6 4 5 10Improved to10 6 10 5 20Total 50 50 56 25 85 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Black 5 7 3 10 5Improved to 5 12 10 20 5Total 50 51 56 85 25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Red 6 7 5 6 6Improved to16 12 15 16 16Total 60 75 40 60 60-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hunter 5 20 5 5 5Improved to15 17 10 5 20Total 85 95 80 25 40 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Knight 10 10 10 3 7Changed to16 6 20 3 7Total 90 80 90 25 24-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thief 10 15 9 5 1Improved to20 16 19 5 15Total 85 99 60 75 15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Scholar 10 10 1 15 4Improved to15 15 31 15 5Total 80 80 45 98 35 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Geoman 10 10 10 20 5Improved to30 10 30 25 15Total 70 75 70 80 60 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dragoon 20 10 10 5 10Improved to35 11 30 5 10Total 90 99 70 25 50 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Viking15 10 20 5 5Improved to39 30 12 5 5Total 99 70 90 25 50 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BlackBelt 23 10 20 1 1Changed to 15 2 7 30 30Total90 90 85 30 30 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------M.Kinght 20 20 10 2 3Improved to40 35 30 2 3Total 95 90 70 50 50 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Conjurer 10 10 5 15 15Improved to10 10 25 15 15Total 75 50 45 75 75 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bard 5 15 15 10 10Improved to45 20 15 10 10Total 65 80 75 50 75 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Warlock 10 15 10 30 5Improved to15 20 10 30 5Total 30 80 98 99 50 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shaman15 10 15 5 25Improved to20 10 25 5 25Total 55 75 85 50 99 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Summon 20 15 5 15 15Changed to20 15 40 5 5Total 75 98 60 65 65 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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