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Buy Fairy Door

Standing at 50cm high, these openable rattan doors make a grand entrance for folk royalty to flutter through. An impressive decor piece in its own right, how will you choose between the two gorgeous designs? Go all out with a tiara, wings and wand for fairy.

buy fairy door


Beautifully made with exquisite detail, this wall decal turns plain walls into works of art. Choose from red or blue themes in this set, which includes a rustic door, clothesline, window and garden snail. Made from quality vinyl, it removes without any residue.

Packed with adorable details, kids will pore over these sweet sets for hours. Choose from individual pieces or complete starter packs with a dreamy background, a white picket fence, window, mailbox and, of course, a bottle of fairy dust.

The Fairy Doors of Dublin Trail is back and ready for action! Whether you've hit the trail in past years or this is your first time, grab your passport and follow the path on your trail guide through Historic Dublin and Bridge Park to 11 businesses and find each resident fairy! Record the name of each fairy, fill in your passport and return your completed passport to the Dublin Visitor & Information Center (9 S. High St.) for a FREE Fairy Door t-shirt.

Fairy doors and fairy villages are popping up everywhere.This fun activity makes a great family craft and hobby. Beautiful wooden fairy door, comes ready to decorate with weather resistant paint, butterflies, moss and plenty of fairy accessories. Open the door and decorate the inside too! Hang it on a tree or in your favorite fairy hiding place.

This is where it (fairy doors) all began — the concept, the phenomenon. This site is all about the Fairy Doors in Ann Arbor, Michigan (the original fairy doors) and what illustrator, Jonathan b. Wright , certified fairyologist, discovers about them. It includes photographs of the Fairy Doors, comments in the Fairy Journals, Observations and speculations about the Fairies. Tiny Doors, Urban Fairies, Faery, Faeries, Fairy, Fairies, miniature doors, tiny doors, little doors, tiny fairy doors, little fairy doors, little faery doors, tiny faery doors, weensy doors, Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea, Peaceable Kingdom, Jefferson Market, The Ark, The Ann Arbor Framing Company, Selo Shevel Gallery, Lakewood Elementary Kindergarten, Fairy ticket window, Found Gallery, Mott Children's Hospital, The Michigan Theater, Google Offices, Nicola's Books, Found Gallery, Flying Pumpkin Cottage, fairy entrances, fairy windows, fairy spaces, fairy store, fairy shop, Flat Fairies, Clarence the Bridge Troll, fairy droppings. The site will be updated frequently with new excerpts from the Fairy Journals, New fairy sightings, Specifics about each location a fairy map. Any new knowledge of the fairy activity will be passed along by Jonathan. Also on this site are some hidden fairy surprises and a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Fairies. There is a brief history of how Jonathan became involved with the Urban Fairies. There are links to local publications about the Urban Fairy phenomenon. Jonathan is currently writing several books on the fairies in collaboration with his wife, Kathleen, who coincidentally has found a fairy door in her kindergarten classroom. Hopefully it will be fun and informative to come back and see what's new with the Urban Fairies of Ann Arbor.

Since the boom of fairy doors in the years 2005-2007, Wright has gained substantial media attention for his work, being interviewed by international outlets like The Washington Post and The Guardian. But in all of his success, Wright consciously makes decisions that keep the magic of his fairy doors rightfully intact. In talking with Wright at the very cafe in which this citywide venture began, it was abundantly clear that his goals stretched far beyond his own monetary gain.

In the winter of 2021, almost nothing, except maybe a possible vaccination appointment, felt magical. The fairy doors were something to do, something to discover. But more than that, they were, and continue to be, a reminder that where we are right now is not where we may be forever. Having the opportunity a year and a half later to meet the creator of this phenomenon myself, that magic retains its power. The power to believe in a better, brighter world.

Each door is individually handcrafted in Nova Scotia, Canada from natural elements. Measuring 6 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide, they are durably constructed of cedarwood and sealed with outdoor paint, allowing for them to be placed outside in your fairy garden, hung on a tree trunk or placed on a deck post. They are equally at home indoors on a baseboard, upon a shelf, or wherever else the fairies guide you to place it in your home, studio or office.

The branch door frame and mossy owl's nest have been hand picked from the magical Fairy Wood. The glass and metal embellishments are securely nailed into place, and the brass hook on the back allows for easy hanging. Only those of the Fairy Realm are able to open the door using the tiny key, as the nested ceramic owl carefully keeps watch.

More than 50 handcrafted Fairy Doors and several fairy-inspired interactive exhibits created by artists invite guests to explore deep into the forests and gardens. The exhibit will be open through Sunday, August 29, 2021.

There is magic in the natural world, crafted by the unique qualities, forms, and structures of plants, the secretive and protective nooks and crannies between roots and branches, and the wild, miniature worlds found when we look closely in nature. Fairies are drawn to this magic. Though, good luck spotting them! Fairies are notoriously swift and sneaky. Look closely and search for fairy doors and other enchanting encounters as you explore our forests and gardens.

Attend a Class. Extend the magic of your Fairy Doors experience by registering for a schedule program. Create a fairy garden of your own in July & August at our Arboretum campus & join us at the Botanical Gardens in August for an annual favorite, Fairy Tea. Visit to register and for more information.

Must-have additions to any fairy gardens are these fairy doors and houses. In every shape and colour, these houses are perfect for any miniature fairies and pixies. Many of the houses come with LED lights to light up your garden and give the illusion of real-life home. The doors are all hand-painted making every one unique as well as wonderfully charming. Made from Resin and hand-painted.

Check out these wonderfully Irish crafted fairy doors. A wonderful way to brighten up your garden. A great Irish gift for your children. Made from eco friendly wood and designed by Caulfield country boards you know that it is high-quality and long-lasting.

Built to last in all kinds of weather, our Outdoor Fairy Door Collection includes doors for all fairy garden styles. Designed to please all fairies, elves, gnomes, sprites and even trolls when necessary. Please ensure you choose an adequately sized Fairy Door if you have unicorn visitors to your garden, as they get tiresomely irritable if they are continually striking their horns on the door frame. A bewildered unicorn stamping its feet in your fairy garden can present a formidable problem, and it makes the fairies quite cross!

"We knew we had sent them the door a year previously but there was no guarantee that they would even receive it so we were crossing our fingers. So seeing it pop up on Kourtney's Snapchat after that amount of time was a very pleasant surprise, and seemed to show they had been enjoying the magic of Irish Fairy Doors the whole time - there was great excitement in Fairy HQ that day!"

Please keep in mind! Garden fairy doors do not need to be expensive or time consuming. With creativity and imagination you can make magnificent miniatures which will make your children happy and will encourage imaginative play. There are plenty of opportunities for the kids to get involved too! Feel free to create a warm and inviting Elf door for the elves that might visit from the North Pole. Enjoy!

Create a touch of magic in your garden with this Ivy fairy door wall ornament by hanging on a wall or tree. It is hand crafted and made from bonded marble - a mix of Iberian marble and cement. This delightful garden feature is weather resistant and is designed for hanging outside, but can also be displayed inside your home.

Hubby thought it would be funny too, so together we found a tree with an exposed root, made a little curved door from a plywood scrap and some odds and sods, and added a stone walkway and birch bark roof. I glued some faux mushrooms and a bird to some bits of amethyst. I also gathered more moss from the woods (although lots was growing here already).

Once upon a time, magical creatures create a doorway between their world and ours. If you are lucky enough to stumble upon one of these locations you may find a fairy door. These doors are creates by the fairies as an easy way to travel between their world and ours and can only be opened with fairy magic.

I Bought the fairy door to assist with tooth fairy magic. My two girls aged 4 and 6 are absolutely in love with the door and special magic behind the door. We sprinkle the fairy dust over our lost tooth and say the the magic spell to invite the fairies to our place. The story card is divine. I absolutely love this product and would recommend. My girls love it too x

Urban Fairy Doors are located throughout downtown Ann Arbor. A unique attraction for kids of all ages. Tiny doors found on the front of select businesses open to reveal "fairy homes." Go to the website for more information and to download the map. 041b061a72


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