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AmiBroker 4.80.2 AmiQuote

AmiBroker 4.80.2 AmiQuote

AmiBroker is a popular technical analysis software that allows users to perform charting, portfolio backtesting, scanning, and alerts on stocks, futures, forex, and other markets. AmiBroker has a powerful formula language that enables users to create their own indicators, trading systems, and custom scans. AmiBroker also supports automated trading interface with various brokers and data providers.

AmiQuote is a companion program to AmiBroker that simplifies and automates the downloading of daily and historical quotation data from free sources on the Internet, such as Yahoo Finance,, MSN, and Finam. AmiQuote can download data for multiple symbols at once and import them into AmiBroker with a single click. AmiQuote supports various data formats, such as ASCII, MetaStock, and AmiBroker native.

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The latest version of AmiQuote is 4.80.2, which was released on July 20, 2023. This version features user-definable data sources and fixes the recent Yahoo incompatibility issue. Users can now create their own data sources using JSON or CSV format and specify the URL, parameters, and parsing rules for each source. This allows users to access data from any website that provides free or paid data in a compatible format. Users can also edit the existing data sources or delete the ones they don't need.

The latest version of AmiBroker is 6.40, which was released on October 8, 2015 and updated on June 16, 2017 with AQ3.15. This version includes many improvements and bug fixes, such as new charting features, enhanced backtester, faster optimizer, new AFL functions, and more. Users can download the official release or the newer betas from the [Members-only zone] (login required). The installation package also includes AmiQuote and AFL Code Wizard as add-on programs.

To use AmiQuote, users need to have a plain text file with a list of tickers they want to download data for. The file should have a .TLS extension and each ticker should be in a separate line. Users can use the pre-written ticker lists that come with AmiQuote or create their own ones using a text editor. Users should also note that some symbols may require suffixes for non-US markets or prefixes for indices depending on the data source.

After creating the ticker list file, users can launch AmiQuote and select the file from the File menu or drag and drop it into the main window. Users can then choose the data source, the time period, the frequency, and the output format from the drop-down menus or buttons. Users can also adjust the settings for each data source by clicking on the Options button. Users can then click on the Start button to begin downloading the data.

Once the download is complete, users can see the status of each ticker in the main window. Users can also view or edit the downloaded data files by double-clicking on them or right-clicking and choosing Open or Edit from the context menu. Users can then import the data into AmiBroker by clicking on the Import button or choosing Import into AmiBroker from the File menu. Users can also automate this process by checking the Auto-import option in the settings.

AmiQuote is a useful tool for AmiBroker users who want to get free or low-cost data from various sources on the Internet. It is fast and efficient and can handle multiple symbols and data formats with ease. It also allows users to customize their own data sources and import them into AmiBroker with minimal effort. AmiQuote is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of AmiBroker and Windows.

For more information about AmiQuote and AmiBroker, users can visit their official websites at [] and []. Users can also find helpful tutorials, guides, forums, and support at [] and [].


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